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What a great opportunity the forthcoming Deuchar Gathering offers us all, wherever we are in the world and whatever part our particular family story may play in the long history of the Deuchars!  Just to get a few of us together in the beautiful city of Edinburgh would be almost reward enough.  Last time (in 2011) we welcomed Deuchars from Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, South Africa as well as from Scotland and England and it was such a pleasure just to chat for 48 hours, over picnic, pies and pints (even a few of Deuchars IPA!), with people from so many different cultures, but all with common rootsback into the mists of time and the glens and fields of Angus and the Mearns.

But I know that the stories and the friendships that emerged from that Gathering have passed across the globe and down the decade and more, leading to several of our number saying “Again, please”!

So here we are, planning for July 2024, and, by the sounds of it, even more people than before wanting to, as they say on a famous brand of Scotch Whisky, “Haste ye back”.  And in a world riven by conflict and anxiety for the future, there couldn’t be a stronger message of the fundamental unity of humankind than such a Gathering of people who want to embrace each other and celebrate together, regardless of the diverse histories of which we are all a part.  We are forming a great programme to enable us all to meet and enjoy one another’s company, but also to explore a bit of Edinburgh, one of the finest cities in the world, and to learn a bit more of our family history.

And for those for whom a trip to Scotland is inconceivable at the moment, we really want you to feel included and remembered too, and maybe there will be chances for us to do that in a visible and concrete way.  We certainly don’t want anyone to feel excluded.  I’m sure there will be many photographs and videos taken – an I certainly hope we will have an ‘official’ photographer present to record the various events we are planning.  They could be very interesting!!!

Registration is now closed – pls get in touch if your plans change.

Otherwise – prepare your kilts and your bonnets, and let’s celebrate!!

Fàilte gu Alba

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